A new look at Corporate Gifts!

We create original items of contemporary aesthetics, inspired by elements of our place, using all new means of imaging and industrial design.

We aim to create a bond with the visitor through the kind gesture of a gift, and to help connect the vacation experience with a useful item that will be transported to the visitor’s home country.

The design of each item is based on the principles of aesthetics and marketing.

The expression of Greek hospitality in hotel gifts! We create thank you gifts for visitors and promotional gifts for tourism exhibitions; we offer gifts in the categories for all, for repeaters, for VIP guests, for business partners, for kids. We cover any need that may arise in a hotel business, large or small.

A logo is placed on all items and the packaging is designed to create a complete gift.

You also have the option to modify and adapt the items to your needs by changing colors and patterns and adding information (e.g. translating texts into the desired language).

We design and send small packages and letters/cards on the occasion of a new partnership, holidays and special occasions, a new service, an advertising campaign, a cancelled exhibition.

We select Greek products from selected small businesses to complement the Memoteasers items and create gift combinations that meet your communication needs with your partners and customers.

We implement your brand identity on the communication gifts of your business. We offer a range of items designed for this purpose, but we also implement your own ideas to suit a special occasion.

We adapt the items in our catalogs based on the Brand Manual of each business, or we create together a completely new item to offer you Communication Gifts that express the aesthetics and philosophy of your business.

A strong identity helps a business showcase its competitive advantages, and all customer touch points should be consistent. Promotional and communication gifts are among the most important points of contact, as they convey the business image into the personal space of the customer or partner.

We offer a range of items designed for your professional obligations, but we also implement your own ideas.

This category includes gifts that your business offers to a partner or customer as a thank you, as well as gifts that are specifically designed for a special occasion such as an anniversary or other celebration of your business.

The gifts we offer are either Memoteaser codes with your brand logo discreetly placed on them, or boxes with products from selected local producers accompanied by cards and specially designed packaging. Corporate gifts tend to be thank you and appreciation gifts rather than promotional gifts. Originality, usefulness and surprise are therefore aspects that we consider in each of our proposals.

We design seasonal gifts for the Christmas holiday season, including ornaments, cards and home décor items according to the latest design trends. All ornaments and cards can be printed or engraved with your brand logo.

We also offer a wide range of selected local products that can be packed in boxes, baskets or sachets together with a card as a gift For many of the products such as honey and herbs, we can design a custom label.

We pay special attention to the packaging of the gift and consider it an integral part of the design. We offer many alternatives such as boxes in different sizes, envelopes and wraps, all custom-made with logo placement.

On request, we also carry out orders for other celebrations or events (World Tourism Day, World Environment Day, etc.).

We design souvenirs for sale in cultural venues and museum shops based on relevant themes. In this category, we offer many of the items from our catalogs and creatively design them. With our experience and expertise in materials such as fabric, silver, paper, metals, etc., we are able to create any custom order. Designed exclusively, these series include the design service, and the graphic designs are available for future use together with the items.

We also offer many options for etiquette gifts for visits and events of Cultural/Educational Foundations, Museums, etc. We also create material for conferences, awards and sporting events.